Fig Tart - Marta Grabowska Food Photographer

Photograph Desserts

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How to Style and Shoot Desserts?

Do you want to know how to give your desserts photos a soul, how to use composition principles for styling and what are some of the tips and tricks to help keep the dish looking fresh? You will find all of this information, and many more, in my ebook, exclusive to my newsletter subscribers!

Get to Know the Hero

What are the things that you should take into consideration when selecting the angles and lighting for desserts photography?

Craft Stories

How to give each of your images soul, and how to make them all looking unique?

Tame Food Science

Some useful tips and tricks to make your work on the set go smoother and faster.

Hi, I'm Marta!

I’m a food stylist and a food photographer based in Poland. I work with brands and bloggers from across the globe, helping them create visual food stories.

In addition to helping my food photography clients, I also teach other photographers how to take photos of food.

Marta Grabowska Food Photographer
Citrus Fruit Tart - Marta Grabowska Food Photographer