Episode 4 – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs – Focus and Flourish

Have you ever felt that your own thoughts hold you back from success in your business?

If so, join us in our discussion around limiting beliefs that we’ve experienced, such as imposter syndrome, and how we overcame them.

Learn how you can reframe your perception of what’s happening in your business to create opportunities for growth and view obstacles as learning experiences.

We also share how making connections with other creatives can be a powerful creative outlet as well as a way of forging new friendships.

Resources we mention in this episode:

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Focus & Flourish is a podcast for food photographers who are looking to start, grow and scale their creative business.

We apologise for the sound quality of this episode. We faced some challenges during the recording, but we assure you that we are committed to improving in the upcoming episodes. Thank you for your patience!

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